Nordfjord Folkemuseum has approximately 25 000 objects in its care, and represents everyday life in Nordfjord from the 1600’s to present time.

Our collection contains objects related to household, farming and craftsmanship. These are complimented by the collections of traditional folk costumes and woven carpets, as well as weaponry, tools and electrical appliances.

The collection mainly consists of objects from the 18th and 19th century, but you will also find objects closer to our present time.

Some of the objects are exhibited in permanent and changing exhibitions, while the rest is stored with care in a climate controlled storage facility.

Study visit

One of Nordfjord Folkemuseum’s goals is to make all our objects available for the audience, including those of which are not exhibited. Students, scientists and private people may send an order, and we will grant access to the collections.  

The guidelines for such orders are as follows:

  • The visit must be arranged with our conservator in advance. The background and purpose of the visit must be clarified as well.
  • Feel free to use to find artefacts you wish to see at the museum. There you will find object codes, which will help us find them faster and more effectively.
  • Not all the artefacts are available even if they are listed in our database. They may be on exhibition, preservation or lent to other museums.

Contact our conservator Ingrid Berger for questions:
Telephone: 48 26 78 05


If you wish to use an object for exhibitions or make copies of the museum’s artecafts, a written appliance must be sent to:

Musea i Sogn og Fjordane, dep. Nordfjord Folkemuseum
Head of department, Anne Kristin Moe
Gota 16
6823 Sandane