More information about each event will be displayed on our website when available. Seminars are held in Norwegian. 

Exhibit: Christmas tree decoration and Nordfjordbåt
January 14th: Traditions and habits of ending Christmas

Exhibit: Nordfjordbåt
February 4th: Miniseminar about the nordfjordbåt and the building traditions in Gloppen, from 13-15
February 7th: Bach with friends in Moritsstova, classical concert by Gloppen Musikkfest

Exhibit: Nordfjordbåt
March 21st: Exhibit opening: Table setting and decoration, in copperation with students from Eid upper secondary school

Exhibit: Table setting and decoration
22. april: Jektedag

Exhibit: Table setting and decoration till May 21st 
May 13th: Inspirational seminar about table setting and decoration

Exhibit: The Nordfjord Architecture
June 3d: Exhibit opening: The Nordfjord Architecture

Juli - daily guidend tours at 13 o'clock
Exhibit: The Nordfjord Architecture
July 11th: Familyday at the museum from 12 till 16

August - daily guidend tours at 13 o'clock
Exhibit: The Nordfjord Architecture
Støylsdag - a day at the mountain farm (date will be annonced later)

Exhibit: The Nordfjord Architecture till September 9th    Textile work from September 23d
September 23d: Exhibit opening: Textile work

Exhibit: Textile work
October 28th: Scary museum

Exhibit: Textile work
November 9th: Culture night and launching of Jul i Nordfjord

Exhibit: Textile work
December 2nd: Christmas fair