Nordfjord FolkmuseumFoto: Espen Mills

Nordfjord Folkmuseum was founded in 1920. Since 1960 the museum has been situated in "Jølet" in Sandane. 

Nordfjord Folkmuseum was established in 1920, but already in 1907 an initiative was taken to build a museum for the villages in Gloppen. Meanwhile, Firda Ungdomslag raised the question to build a museum for all of Nordfjord. This resulted in the establishment of an organization in 1908 which consisted of both parts. Their mission was to collect enough money and materials to build a museum that could preserve artefacts representing the old rural culture in Nordfjord. In 1910 it was decided that the museum would be built in Åsen in Sandane.

Nordfjord Folkmuseum opened on July 25th 1920. In the following years, the museum functioned as an open air museum with antiquarian houses from Sæta, Otnheim, Dispa, Hegedal, Austrheim, Ramnestad and Bergset. In 1950 Nordfjord Folkmuseum had ten houses and 2000 objects in its collection, and was thus in need of expansion.

After a meeting with the Norwegian museum organization and architect Arne Berg, the museum was moved from Åsen to a larger area, Jølet. The first houses were moved in 1960, and the relocation was complete six years later.

Today there are 44 buildings in the open air museum in addition to the administration building, which opened in 1995 with magazine archives, exhibition hall, café and offices.

In 2009, Nordfjord Folkemuseum became a part of Stiftinga Musea i Sogn og Fjordane (MISF), which is the consolidated museum of Sogn og Fjordane. Nordfjord Folkmuseum is still founded through financial support from the state as well as through our own income.

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