The building collection in the outdoor museum contains 43 old buildings and one copy:

House from Sydnes, Innvik. Used as both a school and a post office. Built in 1846.
Schoolhouse from Austrheim, Gloppen. Built in 1863.
Dye house from Sandane, Gloppen 
Gazebo from Sandane, Gloppen
Henhouse from Sandane, Gloppen
Music pavilion, used to be a veranda at the rectory in Hornindal

Farmhouse from Morits in Rygg, Gloppen. Built in 1861 and it was inhabited until 1938.
Loft from Heggdal, Innvik. Store- and guesthouse. The first floor is from the 1600’s and the second floor is from the 1800’s.

Farmhouse from Otnheim, Selje. Most likely built in the 1500’s.
Food storage from Hole in Breim, Gloppen. Built around 1770.
Stable from Håheim in Olden, Stryn. Built in the late 1800’s.
Cowshed from Austrheim in Gloppen. Built early 1800’s.  
Toilett from Indre Davik, Bremanger
Sheep cot from Randabygda, Stryn. It was probably built in 1787.
A grain drying house from Sande, Gloppen
Guest house from Ramnestad, Gloppen. The second floor is the oldest, and is probably built in the 1700’s.
Baking house from Kandal in Breim, Gloppen. It was probably built in the 1700’s.
Food storage house from Tystad, Gloppen
Storehouse from Bergset, Fjelli in Stryn. Probably built in the 1600’s.
Barn from Frislid in Heggjabygda, Eid. Built in 1861.

Farm house from Sæten in Loen. The oldest part is probably from the 1600’s.
Farm house from Dispa in Stryn. It was built in the early 1700’s.
Food storage house from Heggdal, Innvik

Toilett from Davik, Bremanger
A smith’s forge from Skår, Gloppen. Probably built before 1630 and was used until the 1960’s.

Cowshed from Bergset in Lodalen, Stryn
Pigpen from Skår, Stryn
Shed for calves from Bergset in Lodalen, Stryn. It was used until 1910.
Shed for calves from Bødal, Stryn. It was built in 1905 approximately.

Summer farm house from Alme, Gloppen
Summer farm house from Holen, Stryn
A sheep cot with a hay shed from Gjengedal in Hyen, Gloppen

Barn for hay from haugen, Stryn
Barn for hay from Brekke in Ulvedal, Stryn
Barn for hay from Bødal in Loen, Stryn
Barn for turf from Gjengedal in Hyen, Gloppen
Barn from Hatledal, Stryn
Barn from Seljeset, Hornindal

Mill from Mardal, Gloppen
Stamping mill from Gjengedal in Hyen, Gloppen
Sawmill from Myklebust in Ålfoten, Bremanger
Wheelhouse (copy)