Nordfjord Folkemuseum Omvising

Photo: Espen Mills

Guided tours for groups

Guided tours must be booked in advance. The price for groups less than 10 people is 1000 NOK. For groups with 10 people or more the price is 100 NOK pro person. During the main season (from July 1th till August 31th) the guided tour "Building and living in Nordfjord" is included in the entrance fee. The guided tour is at 13 o'clock. 

"Building and living in Nordfjord" gives you a glimpse of the architecture in the region and how people lived from 1500 until today. Strolling in the open air museum and among the 44 historical buildings you get a taste of Nordfjord.

“Holvikejekta” is unique, being the only preserved ship in which riveting was used in the construction. The vessel was used to bring cargo such as firewood, homemade products and even smaller boats to and from Bergen. The Holvikejekt was the largest of its kind and was built in 1881.

“Waterpower in Nordfjord” shows how running water has been transformed to energy and labour over the last hundred years. In the open air museum we have a saw mill, a stamping mill and other buildings that show the importance of water in daily life.

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